Crescent City:

Founded in 1718, The original Vieux Carré, (French Quarter) was built at a sharp bend in the Mississippi River. When viewed from above, the town spans out in the shape of a Crescent.


adjective \ˈbau̇nd\  Intending to go, moving towards a place or goal. 

Noun. Tied or held. Made fast by a bond.

We celebrate marriage equality! And take great pride in serving couples of all orientations. We also focus on maintaining relationships with vendors who uphold the same standards.



My name is Cassandra, and love is my favorite thing

Which is why I've been in the wedding industry for almost a decade.
First as a makeup artist, then as a floral assistant and prop stylist, specializing in luxe installations for events, and high end department stores like Bergdorf’s and Saks 5th avenue.

My background is in fashion. I attended FIT in New York for millinery design. Then went on to launch, and run a bridal accessories line.

After working on these various facets, I realized it was time to create the big picture.

So yes, my hands on experience in all of these areas makes me uniquely qualified to coordinate and style your wedding - but the core of the company is much closer to home. 


It all started when..

I watched my mother throw legendary parties.  You know the kind -There's  enough food for a standing army, everyone stays up too late, and somehow the neighborhood kids put together an impromptu theater performance featuring family pets.

Believe me, I adore enticing color palettes, and charming escort cards more than Martha Stewart. But I've learned what truly makes a gathering of any size memorable, is when the heart that goes into it shines through.

There is nothing I love more than bringing people together in beautiful surroundings. ( Though dancing is a close second )
My experience in events, and operating my own businesses has taught me how to effectively manage all the logistics, while maintaining the love at the core.