Our Wedding Planning Offerings

Investments  from 2,200


Bohemian New Orleans Wedding at The Seraphim House

Full Design and Coordination

An ideal package for the couple that wants dedicated guidance through out the entire event process.  After throughly getting to know you, and discovering the things that make your heart sing;  we work with you tirelessly to bring your vision to life.

With the Wedding Design and Coordination Package, we are available to make suggestions on where to start, answering those very first color palatte questions. We manage your vendors and budget, light your sparklers upon bon voyage, and even remind you not to miss your honeymoon flight.

The long and short of it is- when you work with us, everything goes perfectly...or you never have the chance to worry about anything that doesn't. 

Race and Religious Wedding Planner with Vintage Florals


Styling or Logistics

Perhaps you're a die hard DIY bride.
You're enraptured with design, confident
in your vision, and ability to execute it.
But seating charts, vendor management, permits? Not your idea of a good time.

Or the reverse, you're hyper organized, love the satisfaction of checking things off your list to keep everything humming, but are overwhelmed when it comes to styling and
distilling your ideas.

The Wedding Planning Package is great for a couple inclined to plan most of their wedding. Let us help you with recommendations, and take over some of the tasks you aren't excited about.


Final Details

You are loving the rush of planning your wedding. Things are under control, but you want that piece of mind, someone to hand things off to so you can focus on enjoying your event instead of  scurrying to make sure the band gets paid.

Often referred to as Month of Wedding coordination. We call it "Wedding Management"  and think that especially when planning a destination wedding. Six weeks is the ideal time to start confirming everything, and making sure all the ingredients in your recipe come together just as planned.