A delightful phrase coined in New Orleans meaning "A little gift, or something extra". 


At Crescent bound events we promise to embody this ideal.  You are not a client, you're the core.

Our team consists of both natives and transplants, but we all have one thing in common.  
A deeply held belief that this city is magic. 

Over the years we have immersed ourselves its culture. Joyfully undertaken exploration, and conducted massive research projects to build our network.

Many of  our vendors, venues, and photo locations are hidden gems that come from deep personal relationships.

Want your ceremony officiated by a genuine sideshow strong man?  I know a guy.  

Last minute dance lessons in your hotel room? A poet to help you write your vows? Musicians to surprise your fiancé at the airport? Dog friendly accommodations?
The best oyster happy hour in the city?

We've got you.